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Conference Call

[founded in 1999, collective]

Conference Call

Conference Call is a new quartet featuring the exciting German woodwind virtuoso Gebhard Ullmann the established piano/bass collaboration of Michael Jefry Stevens and Joe Fonda (the Fonda Stevens Group) and the highly individual percussion stylings of master drummer George Schuller.

The quartet features original music from each member of the group and utilizes the distinctive improvisational and textural talents of each of the four members. Gebhard Ullmann’s extensive woodwind palette (bass clarinet, bass flute, tenor and soprano sax; the textural and timbral virtuosity of drummer George Schuller; the organic and highly creative piano/bass interplay between Joe Fonda and Michael Jefry Stevens. All these ingredients create a highly creative and unique variety of musical flavors. 

Critics about Conference Call

...This is a remarkable record with a surprise at the end that will leave the listener wondering why this band isn’t headlining festivals all over the world.
Thom Jurek in his review of CC’s Final Answer

Conference Call is an inspired group. Period. ... Conference Call is one of the most important ensembles on the scene today. Fun, ideas, and free flowing music are the trademarks of this successful unit. Final Answer is just one more example of what this group brings to the table.
Randy McElligott in his review of CC’s Final Answer

One of the finest improvising units working today, Conference Call is a complete band, capable of touching all the jazz bases, be they individual or group improvisation, or the performance of composed music. ... The sweep of this music focuses on collective sound and the panoramas available those willing to take the journey.
Mark Corroto in his review of CC’s What About...?

Conference Call Live in Switzerland, April, 2009

Gebhard Ullmann (saxophones), Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Joe Fonda (bass), George Schuller (drums)

Upcoming Performance

Barry Atlschul and 3dom Factor

  • Barry Altschul , Drums
  • Joe Fonda, Bass
  • Jon Irabagon , Saxophone
Zagreb, Croatia Friday, 25 May

Joe Fonda, visit the photo gallery

Joу Fonda, playing bass, img 5