What About...?


  • Gebhard Ullmann: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet;
  • Michael Jefry Stevens: piano;
  • Joe Fonda: bass;
  • George Schuller: drums, percussion.


  1. After Like (Part 1);
  2. After Like (Part 2);
  3. What About The Future?;
  4. Circle;
  5. Conference Call;
  6. Litmus; After Like (Part 3);
  7. Could This Be A Polka?;
  8. Translucent Tones;
  9. What About...?

Release Info

Not Two Records, 2010

Recorded live at Alchemia in Krakow, Poland on April 22, 2007
Recorded by Michal Rosicki
Mixed by George Schuller
Mastered by Jens Tröndle on November 19, 2008

“What About...?” - Not Two Records, 2010

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