When It's Time


Joe Fonda - double bass


  1. Second Time Around (Joe Fonda) 3:13
  2. My Time With J. & E. (Joe Fonda)
  3. The Other Side Of Things (Joe Fonda)
  4. When It's Time (Attila Zoller)
  5. I Stepped Into A Dream (Joe Fonda)
  6. Been There Before (Joe Fonda)
  7. No One There At All (Brenda Bufalino)
  8. Soon To Know (Joe Fonda)

Release Info

Jazz'halo, 1999

Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, May 23, 1999 by David Baker
Released 1999 by Jazz'halo [TS 011] 

“When It's Time” - Jazz'halo, 1999

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