Tales of the Unforeseen


  • Barry Altschul Drums
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Jon Irabagon, Sax, Flute


  1. As the Tale Begins 
  2. A Tale of Monk: Ask Me Now 
  3. The Tale Continues 
  4. Annette´s Tale of Miracles 
  5. A Drummer´s Tale 
  6. And the Tale Ends

Release Info

Limatationes Records, 2015

Barry Altschul’s 3dom Factor:
Barry Altschul drums and percussion
Jon Irabagon tenor, soprano and sopranino saxophones and flute
Joe Fonda double bass

All Tales composed spontaneously by Barry Altschul, Jon Irabagon and Joe Fonda, except for "Ask Me Now" by Thelonious Monk, "Miracles" by Annette Peacock and "A Drummer´s Tale" by Barry Altschul.

Total playing time 57:32              

“Tales of the Unforeseen” - Limatationes Records, 2015

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