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Separate Realities- Fonda , Goudbeek, Xu Fengia

André Goudbeek, Xu Fengxia, Joe Fonda - Separate Realities

Separate Realities- Fonda , Goudbeek, Xu Fengia


  • André Goudbeek - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bandoneon
  • Xu Fengxia - guzheng, voice
  • Joe Fonda - double bass, flute

Track list:

  1. Creatures of the night 7:23
  2. A separate reality 4:48
  3. The Wanderer - the valley of Tenderness 12:28
  4. The Wanderer - the city of Marvels 8:14
  5. The Wanderer - the desert of Old Souls 7:00
  6. Buddha of Mercy 5:53
  7. Sightless in Gaza 16:00
  8. A cloud moving away 7:38 [dedicated to Peter Kowald]

Release information:

All compositions by André Goudbeek, Xu Fengxia and Joe Fonda

Recorded at De Werf, Brugge, Belgium
Tracks #3,4,7,8 recorded live on December 1, 2003
Tracks #1,2,6 recorded on December 2, 2003
Mixed and mastered by Jean-Marc Foussat at Pyjama Studio
Produced by André Goudbeek
Executive producer: Rik Bevernage and Filip Delmotte for De Werf
Released 2004 by De Werf [W.E.R.F. 043]

Released: 2004
Label: De Werf

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Recording: Separate Realities- Fonda , Goudbeek, Xu Fengia
Released: 2004
Label: De Werf
Price: $15.00

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