• Joe Fonda – bass
  • Michael Jefry Stevens – piano
  • Emil Gross – drums
  • Oliver Lake – saxophone


  1. Rollin’ (Lake) 8:58
  2. Me Without Bella (Fonda) 17:24
  3. Mantra #2 (Stevens) 12:43
  4. Flow (Lake) 11:11
  5. La Dirge de la Fleuer (Stevens) 7:31
  6. Read This (Fonda) 5:40
  7. Coda (Stevens) 2:31

Release Info

Not Two Records, 2016

Recorded live at the Bunker Ulmenwall in Bielefeld, Germany on October 30, 2016

Co-produced by the Bunker Ulmenwall, Wolfgang Gross, Joe Fonda, Emil Gross and Michael Jefry Stevens
Sound Engineer – Karl Godejohann
Mixed and Mastered by – Karl Godejohann
Special Thanks to Zupan Iztok and Klopotec Records; to Udo Preiss for the idea that became the Generations Quartet; Marek Winiarski for his tireless support of creative music
Cover art by Oliver Lake
Music by Joe Fonda and Michael Jefry Stevens (GEMA)
Music by Oliver Lake (Talkin’ Stick Music –SESAC)
Michael Jefry Stevens is a Steinway Artist


“Flow” - Not Two Records, 2016

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