All Hot Bodies Radiate


  • Katie Bull, Vocals
  • Joe Fonda, Bass
  • George Schuller, Drums
  • Jeff Lederer, Saxophone
  • Landon Knoblock, Piano


  1. The Crazy Poet
  2. Venus on the A Train
  3. Ko Ko,s cam do blues
  4. Ghost Sonata
  5. The drive to Woodstock
  6. If I loved you
  7. Torch Song to the Sun
  8. Love Poem
  9. I guess this isn,t Kansas anymore
  10. Some perfume home
  11. Ding Dong the witch is dead
  12. Rapture for the David
  13. The Sea is full of song

Release Info

Ashokan, 2015

Recorded in New Jersey , Tedesco Studios

“All Hot Bodies Radiate” - Ashokan, 2015

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