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Xu Fengxia and Joe Fonda

[founded in 2000]

Don't miss this new exciting duet with some Asian style. Improvised music, surprising developments, sounds that have never been heard before- amazing interaction! It's Chinese; it's American -  it's world music!

Xu Fengxia is a native of Shanghai, China. After graduating from the renowned Shanghai conservatory of music, she became a soloist for Chinese string instruments at the Shanghai Orchestra for Chinese Music. She gave acclaimed solo  concerts with up to for instruments in Shanghai, Beijing, and Singapore. After moving to Europe she started a second career as a soloist in improvised music, focussing on the 21-stringed guzheng.

Xu Fengxia first met in Germany and decided after very successful concerts to found this new duet.

Joe Fonda, Xu Fengxia, André Goudbeek photo by Daniel Theunynck

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