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What About...? Conference Call

What About...? Conference Call


  • Gebhard Ullmann: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet;
  • Michael Jefry Stevens: piano;
  • Joe Fonda: bass;
  • George Schuller: drums, percussion.

Track list:

  1. After Like (Part 1);
  2. After Like (Part 2);
  3. What About The Future?;
  4. Circle;
  5. Conference Call;
  6. Litmus; After Like (Part 3);
  7. Could This Be A Polka?;
  8. Translucent Tones;
  9. What About...?

Release information:

Recorded live at Alchemia in Krakow, Poland on April 22, 2007
Recorded by Michal Rosicki
Mixed by George Schuller
Mastered by Jens Tröndle on November 19, 2008

Released: 2010
Label: Not Two

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Recording: What About...? Conference Call
Released: 2010
Label: Not Two
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