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Nov 8, 2012:
Reviews added:
Relentlessness (Live at the Sunset) (The Nu Band) by Robert Iannapollo
Trio + 2 Live in Katowice (The Fonda/Stevens Group) by Robert Iannapollo
History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Robert Iannapollo

Nov 7, 2012:
Reviews added:
From Seeds (Michael Musillami Trio + 3) by Richard Kamins
Dachau (Michael Musillami Trio) by Vincenzo Roggero
Sex Queen of the Berlin Turnpike (Vernon Frazer) by Robert Iannapollo
Between Shadow and Light (Bebelaar/Fonda/Joos) by Robert Iannapollo, Ssirus W. Pakzad, and Vincenzo Roggero
Side Effects (Trio Generations) by Robert Iannapollo
Old Tea (Michael Musillami Trio) by Lyn Horton
Dark Wood Explorations (Judith Insell & Joe Fonda) by Harvey Pekar
When It's Time (Joe Fonda solo) by Harvey Pekar
The Story, So Far (Katie Bull) by Michael Arens, John Book, Magnus Eriksson, George Harris, Steve Koenig, Rich McCracken II, and Jazz Improv Magazine
Freak Miracle (Katie Bull) by François Couture
10 Compositions (Duet) 1995 (Anthony Braxton & Joe Fonda) by Ermes Rosina
What About...? (Conference Call) by delarue, and Vincenzo Roggero
History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by C. J. Bond, Bruce Crowther, Raul d'Gama Rose, delarue, Grego Applegate Edwards, Giuseppe Mavilla, Gigi Sabelli, and Rotcod Zzaj
Memphis (The Fonda Stevens Group) by Clifford Allen, Roberto Paviglianiti, and Brad Walseth

Nov 6, 2012:
Reviews added:
History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Brian Morton
That's What I Want to Do (Nicole Metzger) by Angelo Leonardi
Old Tea (Michael Musillami Trio) by Angelo Leonardi
Live in Paris (The Nu Band) by Angelo Leonardi
Story, So Far (Katie Bull) by Andrea Canter
Freak Miracle (Katie Bull) by Alex Henderson
Live in Katowice (Trio + 2) by Alberto Bazzurro

Mar 30, 2012:
Review of History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Klaus Hübner

Mar 4, 2012:
Review of History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Jason Bivins

Jan 24, 2012:
New recording Between Shadow and Light with pianist Patrick Bebelaar and trumpeter Herbert Joos, to be released on May 1st, 2012
Review of Relentlessness (Nu Band) by Bruce Lee Gallanter
Two reviews of History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Jerry D'Souza and Nic Jones

Dec 14, 2011:
"Flexibel. freudig, frei" Gudrun Endress interviews Joe Fonda for the German magazine Jazz Podium

Nov 5, 2011:
Two new reviews of History of Jazz in Reverse (FAB Trio) by Troy Collins and Dave Wayne, both for All About Jazz

Oct 27, 2011:
Two new recordings:

One new review:

Oct 10, 2011:
New reviews:

Oct 5, 2011:
The Finnish label TUM Records just released a CD (History of Jazz in Reverse) of the FAB Trio which already was recorded in 2005. This will be the last release of this fabulous trio after Billy Bang's death on April 11, 2011.
R.I.P. Billy Bang

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Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda Duet, For Paul Bley

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Satoko Fujii ,Piano

Joe Fonda ,Bass ,Flute

Guest - Natzuke Tamira - Trumpet


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