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Trillium R: Shala Fears For The Poor

Anthony Braxton - Trillium R: Shala Fears For The Poor: Composition No. 162 for 9 Singers, 9 Instrumentalists and Orchestra

Trillium R: Shala Fears For The Poor


The Tri-Centric Orchestra:

  • Sara Parkins (vln)
  • Jason Kao Hwang (vln)
  • Marlene Rice (vln)
  • Jacquie Carrasco (vln)
  • Ralph Farris (vln)
  • Gwen Laster (vln)
  • Martha Mooke (vla)
  • Alva Anderson (vla)
  • Catherine Bent (clo)
  • Nioka Workman (clo)
  • Joe Fonda (b)
  • John Menegon (b)
  • Patty Monson (fl)
  • Ned Rothenberg (fl)
  • Randy McKean (cl)
  • Chris Speed (cl)
  • Cory Wright (cl)
  • Amy Platt (bcl)
  • Chris Jonas (ss)
  • Raphael Cohon (ob)
  • Ted Reichman (acc)
  • Mike Rabinowitz (bsn)
  • Michael Attias (as)
  • Herb Robertson (tpt)
  • Chris Matthay (tpt)
  • Tom Varner (frhn)
  • Marshall Sealy (frhn)
  • Joe Fielder (tb)
  • Ron Caswell (tuba)
  • Kevin Norton (perc)
  • Gino Robai (perc)
  • Reggie Nicholson (perc)
  • Elizabeth Panzer (harp)
  • Gregor Kitzis (concert-master)

Anthony Braxton - conductor


  • Lisa Bielawa (soprano voc) as "Shala"
  • Melissa Fathman (soprano voc) as "Ntzockie"
  • Elizabeth Henreckenson-Farnum (alto voc) as "Alva"
  • Heather Dea Jennings (mezzo-soprano voc) as "Kim"
  • Matthew Pass (tenor voc) as "David"
  • Benjamin Sosland (tenor voc) as "Ojuwain"
  • Melton Sawyer (baritone voc) as "Ashmenton"
  • Gregory Purnhagen (baritone voc) as "Joreo"
  • Peter Stewart (bass voc) as "Zakko"


  • David Bindman (ts)
  • Rob Brown (fl)
  • Joseph Celli (ob)
  • Brandon Evans (bcl)
  • Perry Robinson (cl)
  • Aaron Stewart (bar)
  • Steve Swell (tb)
  • Libby van Cleve (frhn)
  • Mark Whitecage (ss)

Track list:

  1. Act 1   [63:05]
  2. Act 2   [31:32]
  3. Act 3   [39:20]
  4. Act 4   [42:06]

Release information:

Dedicated to South African President Nelson Mandela
"The secret password for this opera: 'If you know what I mean.'" -Anthony Braxton

Recorded October 25 & 26, 1996 at John Jay Theater, New York, NY (USA).
Released 1999 by Braxton House [BH-008]

Please visit the site of the Wesleyan University to learn more about Trillium R.

Released: 1999
Label: Braxton House

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