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Transforming the Space -Fab Trio

FAB - Transforming the Space

Transforming the Space -Fab Trio


  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Barry Altschul - drums
  • Billy Bang - violin

Track list:

  1. Be Out S'cool (Altschul) 7:52
  2. The Softness of Light (Bang) 13:15
  3. For Papa Jo, Klook & Philly Too (Altschul) 10:13
  4. Tales from Da Bronx (Bang) 9:09
  5. Song for My Mother (Fonda) 16:38
  6. Coligno Battatta (Fonda/Altschul/Bang) 6:29

Release information:

Glenn Astarita rated Transforming the Space #7
among his 10 favorite albums of the year 2003 for bestofneworleans.com

Recorded in NY, Feb 17-18, 2003
Released by Creative Improvised Music Projects [CIMP 284]

Released: 2003
Label: CIMP Records

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Recording: Transforming the Space -Fab Trio
Released: 2003
Label: CIMP Records
Price: $15.00

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