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Today, This Moment

Mosaic Sextet - Today, This Moment

Today, This Moment


  • Dave Douglas - trumpet
  • Mark Feldman - violin
  • Michael Rabinowitz - bassoon
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Harvey Sorgen - drums

Track list:


  1. Mosaic (Douglas) 6:54 ***
  2. Gang Wars (Douglas) 1:54 *
  3. Mr. Phinney (Stevens) 6:48 ***
  4. In Progress (Douglas) 5:49 *
  5. Oskar (Stevens) 7:07 ***
  6. Superconductor (Douglas) 9:03 ***
  7. Drum Song (Stevens) 4:42 ***
  8. Trio for Sextet (Stevens) 5:16 **
  9. Children's Somber Dance (Douglas) 5:06 ***
  10. Today, This Moment(Stevens) 14:33 *

Release information:

The Mosaic Sextet and the music of this recording emerge from an informal workshop-like situation which encouraged all the players to experiment with and rehearse their compositional and improvisational ideas. As the personnel and instrumentation solidified, a book of music developed which belonged specifically to the band. Because of the organic and gradual formation of the group, the pieces exploit not only the instrumentation, but also the particular strengths of each player.


This CD is a compilation of three separate studio dates recorded between 1988 and 1990 in New York featuring five compositions each by pianist Michael Jefry Stevens and trumpeter David Douglas. The diversity of the music contained in this recording (from the open ended composition Today, This Moment, to the more tightly structured Gang Wars for Sextet) reflects both the wide scope of musical influences on the members of the Mosaic Sextet as well as the constant growth and metamorphosis of this ensemble (as evidenced from the 1988 recording date through the 1990 date).


The Mosaic Sextet would like to especially thank Dave Cook, Bob Brokkmann, David Baker and Joel Bluestein. Mr. Phinney was written out of respect for a great drummer, Arthur Phinney Lillard. Oskar was written in dedication to Oscar Peterson.

* Recorded on January 19, 1988 at Dreamland Recording Studio in West Hurley, New York
** Recorded on February 2, 1989 at Rockin' Reel Studios in East Northport, New York
*** Recorded on March 5, 1990 at Tedesco Studios in Paramus, New Jersey
Released in 2001 by GM Recordings | GM 3045
Producers: Mosaic Sextet | executive Producer: Gunther Schuller

Released: 1994
Label: Konnex Records

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