Trouble No More... All Men Are Brothers


  • Joe Fonda - bass , Vocals
  • Tiziano Tononi , Drums
  • Daniele Cavallanti, Sax
  • Marta Raviglia, Vocals
  • Emanuele Passerin, Sax
  • CarmeloTorre, Accordion


  1. Whipping Post
  2. Midnight Rider
  3. Whippin' Post (Reprise)
  4. For Barry O.
  5. Les Brers
  6. Dont want you no more
  7. Its not my cross to bear
  8. Kind of Bird
  9. Clouds on Macon
  10. Hot' Lanta
  11. Requiem For Skydog
  12. You Don't Love Me
  13. Soul Serenade
  14. You Don't Love Me (Glorious Ending)

Release Info

Longsong Records, 2017

A tribute to the spiritual unity of the Allman Brother Band

Recorded at Orlando Music Studio, Milano, February 12th & 13th 2016
Mixed and mastered at Newmastering Studio, spring 2016              

“Trouble No More... All Men Are Brothers” - Longsong Records, 2017

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