The J&F Band Cajun Blue


Joe Fonda Bass, Vocals ,Flute,Composer

Jamioe, Drums

Tizaino Tononi ,Drums,Composer

Beppe Caruso, Trombone

Pee Wee durante,Ketboards

David Grissom,Guitar

Alberto Mandarini,Trumpet

Pacho, Percussion

Gianlugi Paganelli,Tuba

Fabio Treves,Harmonica

Lamar Williams,Vocals


1.Cajun Blue,


3.Cold Shot

4.As the years go passin by

5.Speeck for u)(r) Five

6.We night riders

Release Info

Long Song Records 2020


“The J&F Band Cajun Blue” - Long Song Records 2020

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