Step In Trio


  • Joe Fonda - Bass
  • Carlo Morena - Piano
  • Felix Lecaros - Drums

Original drummer: Jeff hershfield, later George Schuller, Michele Salgarello

Step In Trio



Italian pianist Carlo Morena leads two piano trios, one European and the other being the New York-based Step In Trio which he created in 1994 with bassist Joe Fonda and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. George Schuller later assumed the drum chair. The trio performed at the Yardbird Suite in 2015 with Edmonton’s Dan Skakun as the drummer. Carlo and Joe were so impressed with Dan’s playing that they immediately requested a return visit to Edmonton.

Step In Trio has released several albums, the most recent of which is “As You Never Said Before”. Although Morena has worked and recorded with a wide variety of jazz musicians of all genres, the music presented by the trio has, among other styles, a contemplative almost Bill Evans-like feel.