Procession of the Great Ancestry


  • Leo Smith - trumpet, flugelhorn, kalimba, voice
  • John Powell - tenor saxophone (7)
  • Bobby Naughton - vibraharp
  • Louis Myers - electric guitar (1 & 5)
  • Joe Fonda - bass, (electric bass on 1 & 5)
  • Mchaka Uba - bass (1 & 5)
  • Kahil El Zabar - drums, balafon, kalimba, percussion


  1. Blues: Jah Jah Is the Perfect Love 2:53
  2. Procession of the Great Ancestry 15:13
    (for Miles Davis)
  3. The Flower That Seeds the Earth 6:11
    (for Booker Little)
  4. The Third World, Grainery of Pure Earth 8:27
    (for Roy Eldridge)
  5. Who Killed David Walker? 3:14
  6. Celestial Sparks in the Sanctuary of Redemption 8:03
    (for Dizzy Gillespie)
  7. Nuru Light: The Prince of Peace 3:11
    (for Martin Luther King)

Release Info

Chief Records, 1983

All composed by Wadada Leo Smith

Recorded February 28, 1983 by Mike Rasfeld at Acme Recording, Chicago, IL, USA
Digital transfer/mastering of the CD reissue: Steve Wagner, Riverside Studio
CD Produced by Chuck Nessa
Photography for CD: Ann Nessa
Art Direction & Design for CD: Carla Nessa
Released on LP by Chief Records [out of print]
Reissued on CD by Nessa Records [ncd-26]

“Procession of the Great Ancestry” - Chief Records, 1983

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