Generations Quartet, with Oliver Lake

Generations Quartet , with Oliver Lake , Joe Fonda, Michael Stevens , Emil Gross will release a live cd  in 2017 recorded during there October 2016 tour  . The recording was done at the Bunker in Bielefeld Germany on October 29th 2016 .

Joe Fonda 10th Annual Composers and Improvisers Festival

Joe Fonda 10th Annual Composers and Improvisers Festival

News from 2014-2015

Joe Fonda and the Nu Band will be releasing a new recording .

Joe Fonda and the Nu Band will be releasing a new recording dedicated to memory of Roy Campbel Jr. The cd will be released in April of 2015 on the Nottwo Record Label.

Fonda Stevens , records with Irek Wojtczak , In Warsaw Poland

The Fonda Stevens Group  recorded with Saxophonist composer Irek Wojtczak . The recording was done in July  in Warsaw Poland . The concept for the project was a reinterpertation of old Polish folks songs, that were rearranged by Erik . The cd is to be released in November of 2014 . 

Joe Fonda's music featured on WMBR Radio, Boston Mass.

Joe Fonda's Music was featured on his  59 birthday, 12/16/2013 on WMBR Radio in Boston Mass. The DJ was saxophonist Charlie Kohlhase, the show is called research and development. Mr Kohlhase started the show by playing  music from Joe Fonda's first recording looking for the lake, Alarca Records. The broadcast  coverd a lot of material that  has been recorded from  1980, on up though 2013. Thank you Charlie. Joe

Joe Fonda , recording again with the Barry Altschul

Joe Fonda will  be recording once again with Barry Altschul and the 3dom Factor , on Feburary 11th nd 12th 2014 , in New York city , for the Tum Record label . This will be  the 2nd recording for the trio , both for the Tum Label .

The Fonda Stevens Group records live cd as part of its 20th year anniversary tour

The Fonda Stevens group has recorded there next cd. The recordig was  done live  in Dornbirn Austria at the end of there 20th year anniversary tour, which took place in October 2012.  The cd was released in January of 2014 .

Joe Fonda interviewed and featured and the cover of Improjazz

Joe Fonda was recently was interviewed by Philippe Levreaud. The interviw will be published in the April issue of Improjazz . Mr. Fonda can also be seen on the cover of the issue.