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New York City Session -Fonda ,Lopez ,Angelini

Bruno Angelini, Joe Fonda, Ramón López

New York City Session -Fonda ,Lopez ,Angelini


  • Bruno Angelini - piano
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Ramón López - drums

Track list:

  1. China (Fonda) 3:06
  2. Morning (Angelini) 3:50
  3. Song For My Mother (Fonda) 5:31
  4. Exploration (Angelini) 4:57
  5. Queens (López) 4:06
  6. Resistance (Angelini) 6:28
  7. Fragile (Angelini, Fonda, López) 4:19
  8. Brothers (Angelini) 3:58
  9. New York City Mood (Angelini) 4:03
  10. I Learned A Lot From You (Fonda) 3:33
  11. Union Square (López) 4:26

Release information:

Recorded by Michael Brorby on November 30, 2007 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Mixed by Stéphane Oskeritzian.
Mastered by Nicolas Baillard at Studio la Buissone, Pernes les Fontaines, France.
Produced by Bruno Angelini, Joe Fonda, Ramón López and Sans Bruit,
with the support of the French American Cultural Exchange.
Released by Sans Bruit (France) sbr005

Released: 2007
Label: Sans Bruit

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Recording: New York City Session -Fonda ,Lopez ,Angelini
Released: 2007
Label: Sans Bruit
Price: $15.00

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