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Loaded Basses - Joe Fonda

Joe Fonda's Bottom Out - Loaded Basses

Loaded Basses - Joe Fonda


  • Claire Daly - baritone saxophone
  • Joe Daley - tuba
  • Gebhard Ullmann - bass clarinet
  • Michael Rabinowitz - bassoon
  • Joe Fonda - leader, double bass
  • Gerry Hemingway - drums

Track list:

  1. Bottoms Out/Gone Too Soon (for Tom Chapin) 20:01
  2. Breakdown 7:52
  3. Rocks In My Head 13:28
  4. Brown Bagging It 21:35

Release information:

all arrangements and compositions by Joe Fonda

Recorded at The Spirit Room, Rossie, NY, September 15, 2005
Produced by Robert D. Rusch
Recording Engineer: Marc D. Rusch
Cover art: Out bass by Kara D. Rusch
Released 2006 by CIMP Records [CIMP 343]

Released: 2006
Label: CIMP Records

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Recording: Loaded Basses - Joe Fonda
Released: 2006
Label: CIMP Records
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