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Live at Alte Paketpost -Fonda Stevens Group

The Fonda/Stevens Group - Live at Alte Paketpost

Live at Alte Paketpost -Fonda Stevens Group


  • Herb Robertson - trumpet
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Harvey Sorgen - drums

Track list:

  1. The Stalker (Stevens) 11:54
  2. There's a Very Fine Line Between Your Life And Mine (Fonda) 11:36
  3. From the Source (Fonda) 10:08
  4. Relentlessness (Fonda) 10:58
  5. Kultur Shock (Stevens) 10:15
  6. Memphis Ramble (Stevens) 7:24

Release information:

Recorded live at Alte Paketpost Rottweil, Germany December 7, 2003
Released in 2005 by FSG Productions
Recording engineer - Christopher Kern
Produced by Hansjörg Mehl, Joe Fonda and Michael Jefry Stevens

Notes on this CD:

Our first performance in Rottweil took place in March of 2002. I still remember the first moment I set on eyes on Hansjörg with his multi-colored bright shirts and warmly cheerful personality full of light and bright energy! He made quite an impression!!! Little did I know what a good friend and musical ally he would become. This concert recording took place in December of 2003. The holiday sesaon was in the air. The Christmas market was in full display in the center of the town. The energy in the club was bolsterous and vibrant. This was a special moment and I am glad we were able to record it and capture it on this CD. Thanks Hansjörg. Thanks Rottweil!
Michael Jefry Stevens
August 24, 2005

Released: 2005
Label: FSG Prod.

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Recording: Live at Alte Paketpost -Fonda Stevens Group
Released: 2005
Label: FSG Prod.
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