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Ensemble (New York) 1995

Anthony Braxton - Ensemble (New York) 1995

Ensemble (New York) 1995


  • Anthony Braxton - fl, Eb-cl, Bb-cl, cbcl, sss, as, F-sx
  • J.D. Parran - Eb cl, bar
  • Aaron Stewart - ts
  • Libby Van Cleve - enhn
  • Melinda Newman - ob
  • Lily White - as
  • Jacquie Carrasco - vln
  • Gwen Laster - vln
  • Nioka Workman - clo
  • Joe Fonda - b
  • Kevin Norton - d, vib, glck, perc

Track list:

  1. Composition No. 187 (Braxton) 49:34

Release information:

Recorded November 24, 1995 at the Tri-Centric (Thanksgiving 1995)Festival at the Knitting Factory, New York City.
Released 1997 by Braxton House [BH-007]

Released: 1997
Label: Braxton House

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