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Eastern Boundary , Eastern Boundry

Eastern Boundary Quartet - Eastern Boundary

Eastern Boundary , Eastern Boundry


  • Mihály Borbély - saxophone
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano
  • Joe Fonda - double bass
  • Balázs Bágyi - drums

Track list:

  1. Song For My Mother (Joe Fonda) 13:13
  2. The End Game (Michael Jefry Stevens) 13:33
  3. Tüzugrás (Balázs Bágyi) 10:31
  4. Improvisation 9:25
  5. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria) 6:57

Release information:

Recorded live at Nyitott Mühely, Budapest on May 12, 2007
Mastered by Péter Glaser at Studio 202, Budapest
Produced by Balázs Bágyi for BB Production 2007
Self-released 2007 [EBQCD01]

Released: 2007
Label: Self-released

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Recording: Eastern Boundary , Eastern Boundry
Released: 2007
Label: Self-released
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