Dark Wood Explorations


  • Judith Insell - viola
  • Joe Fonda - bass


  1. India (John Coltrane)
  2. Very Early (Bill Evans)
  3. Bill (Judith Insell)
  4. In The White Cage (Joe Fonda)
  5. Elm (Richard Beirach
  6. Baghdad Waltz (Judith Insell)
  7. Song For My Mother (Joe Fonda)
  8. Voo La La Blues (Judith Insell)

Release Info

Insell Music, 2008

Recorded January 17 & 18, 2008 by Louis Brown at L. Brown Recording, Inc.
Produced by Judith Insell
Executive producer: Louis Brown
Released September 2008 by Insell Music

“Dark Wood Explorations” - Insell Music, 2008

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