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Consensual Tension

Mark Whitecage's Other Quartet - Consensual Tension

Consensual Tension


  • Mark Whitecage - alto and soprano saxophones
  • Sabir Mateen - clarinet, flute, alto and tenor saxophones
  • Joe Fonda - double bass
  • Harvey Sorgen - drums

Track list:

  1. Murmurings (Whitecage)
  2. Ballard (Whitecage)
  3. Drum Reso (Whitecage)
  4. A Salt of the Earth (Whitecage)
  5. Joe's Groove (Whitecage)
  6. Oleo (Sonny Rollins)
  7. No Samba (Whitecage)

Release information:

Recorded July 21, 1998
Released by CIMP Records [CIMP 157]

Released: 1998
Label: CIMP Records

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Consensual Tension

Joe Fonda,Bass

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