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Between Shadow and Light

Bebelaar/Fonda/Joos - Between Shadow and Light

Between Shadow and Light


  • Patrick Bebelaar- piano
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Herbert Jos - Trumpet

Track list:

  1. Duscha Moja (Patrick Bebelaar)  5:59
  2. Love Song (Herbert Joos)  7:53
  3. Stella by Star Light (Joe Fonda)  3:26
  4. My One and Only Love (Guy B. Wood)  5:05
  5. Conversation With I.D. (Herbert Joos)  4:09
  6. Reload (Patrick Bebelaar)  6:59
  7. Reloaded (Patrick Bebelaar)  3:30
  8. Requiem (for Pit) (Patrick Bebelaar)  5:57
  9. Small Melody for A. Schönberg (Joe Fonda)  6:14
  10. I Remember Clifford (Benny Golson)  2:43

Release information:

Recorded April 23, 2011 at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Engineered by Philipp Heck
Mixed by Philipp Heck, assisted by Yannik Grewe
Mastered by Thomas Schmidt
Produced by Patrick Bebelaar and Volker Dueck

Released: 2012
Label: Double Moon

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Recording: Between Shadow and Light
Released: 2012
Label: Double Moon
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